What Our Customers Are Saying


Destiny Renfro

While I do not currently live in Oregon due to multiple living situations. I know from previous experiences with the management, that the items I did leave there are safe.

Cory J Morris


Charlotte Whittlinger

It isn’t by accident that a business gets a 5-star rating! Sheridan Self Storage has earned those stars in the way they treat their clients, going that extra mile and treating us like we really do matter to them, we’re not just a bunch of numbers that transform into $$$. Thank you Gayna for ALWAYS being so understanding! You’re the best! Barb 😉

Barb Cooley

I live in Vancouver…I could go somewhere closer. But why? I am happy with their prices, and they are just really nice people!

Barb Cooley



Great service! Gayna was a tremendous help and fulfilled all of my needs!